MAIN TOPIC IN 2015 : new technologies in event management

What impact do they have for its users, what new possibilities are made available?

New Internet-based technologies path the way for new products and services, some of which are already being used in the event industry by both participants (visitors / attendees / exhibitors) and professionals: apps for participants – geolocation – tracking crowd movements – set-up monitoring – control of provided services – control of access rights – monitoring of fluid consumption – … the topics are numerous.

How can technology improve the services provided at events in order to satisfy the growing demands of clients?

This topic will be the object of the plenary conference and will also be discussed in a number of technical conferences.


  • 1 plenary conference on new technologies
  • 12 technical conferences
  • 40 min – 1h20 per conference
  • breaks between each cycle of conferences to exchange with colleagues
  • Each conference is hosted by one or more experts
  • Between 2 and 3 conferences are held simultaneously : Choose conferences that best match your interests and delegate another part of the program to a colleague.
  • All conference material and slides will be made available to participants at the end of the congress.

The complete program is available here.

Objectives :

Enrich your knowledge.

Keep up to date with technical and technological progress and on regulatory changes.

Exchange experiences with your peers.