The conferences from 2010 until 2014

More than 45 different topics were discussed during the first five editions of the congress.

  • Technical Purchasing

    What processes and what controls should be put in place in order to support the event. How to define the limits of the decision maker’s responsibility?

  • Acoustics

    Sound reinforcement technologies / Optimisation of sound reinforcement systems in a large space /  Soundproofing techniques

  • E-Ticketing and On-Site Ticketing

    Panorama of solutions

  • Marquees, Tents and Structures

    New regulations from 2014

  • Internet Equipment

    Panorama of solutions for exhibitions and congresses

  • Incoming and Outgoing Inventory of fixtures

    The new technology based services available for organisers and centers

  • Short-term electrical installations

    Security in public buildings

  • Medical support at events

    Responsibilities of an organiser

  • Prevention Plans

    Who is concerned ? What content ? What has to be done ? …

  • Internet Portals for Exhibitors

    Helpful tools for the organisation

  • Electrical Services

    How to lower costs and optimise the selling price ?

    Main european practices and the impact of new regulations.

  • Sustainability of Event Sites

    Regulations on the accessibility and sustainability of event sites.

  • Signalling

    Rules for an efficient signalling set up.


    Functions / Responsabilities

  • Accessibility of Public Building for the Disabled

    New regulation from 1st January 2015

  • Smartphone Apps

    Smartphone applications for events

  • Event Insurance

    Risk assessment / Legal obligations for organisers, exhibitors and service providers.

  • Work Conditions during the Set Up and the Disassembly

    Employer obligations and responsabilities

  • Kitchens and temporary kitchens

    Regulations and electric wiring

  • Theoretic pricing of the angle

    Influence on the m² price

  • Electricity

    Efficient monitoring of the energy consumption in public buildings

  • Evolution of the stand structures

    What will the stands of tomorrow look like?

  • Mapping

    How to develop an efficient mapping of the event for organisers, exhibitors and service providers?

  • Management of Vehicle Movements

    Management of the vehicle movements during the Set-Up and the Disassembly

  • Stress Management

    How to use your stress to be beneficial for you and your team.

  • Large Scale Printing

    New large scale print technologies.

  • Reusable carpets

    Advantages and Disadvantages.

  • Waste management